Monthly Archives: March 2008

April 1 DCSki Story

OK, so I know I’ve railed against all the fake news stories that web sites post each year on April 1, but mostly that’s because sites have run out of fresh ideas and trot out the same unfunny storylines year after year.

I’ve been guilty myself. I last wrote a fake news story on DCSki on April 1, 2001, titled “Breaking News: New Ski Resort to be Built in Dundalk.” Dundalk is a suburb of Baltimore that’s as flat as a pancake, plus, it has a name that I think is funny (sorry, but it seriously is), so it made the perfect setting for an ambitious ski development project that would bring 82 trails, 17 lifts, and “hill to hill” skiing with Inner Harbor effect snow. DCSki readers delighted in the story, and every year since I have received requests for a similar April 1 story.

So I finally broke down and wrote one. It will go on-line at midnight on April 1, but you can view a sneak peak by clicking the image below. Enjoy.