Shots of the Day: Foxy!

My house is surrounded by a nature preserve, which means my neighbors consist not only of people, but also trash-raiding raccoons, honking geese, belching toads, deer, rabbits, snakes, and foxes too.

Before my house was constructed, I remember walking the lot one evening and seeing a family of foxes appear from the woods. They walked towards me on the freshly-cleared soil, as if to let me know that the land was still theirs, even if I held a title to it. Years have gone by since then, and they have held true to their word; I frequently see foxes mingling about.

A new generation of foxes was born this spring, and with each generation, they have become progressively tamer. When I arrived home from work this evening, two newly-born foxes were sitting casually in the grass. One was right by the street, and unfazed by passing cars. The pup looks a bit scraggly.

Of course, no wild animal is really tame, and I worry that this litter of foxes does not possess any fear of humans. Between careless cars, domesticated dogs, and curious children, these pups could be at risk.

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