Shots of the Night: Whitetail Ski Resort

On the afternoon of January 21, 2010, I tossed my skis in the car and headed for the slopes of Whitetail. After the sun set, I pulled out my camera and took the following shots. As dusk fades away, Mid-Atlantic ski resorts take on a level of quiet beauty.

All of these shots were taken with a 50mm prime lens, natural light, and were handheld (except shot #2, which was taken with the camera resting on the cold ground.)

2 thoughts on “Shots of the Night: Whitetail Ski Resort

  1. Tony

    hmm… what are you trying to say with the 4th shot from the bottom? at first glance it’s just a cool little snowboarder making his way down the slope; but then I noticed the quartet of skiers that you managed to capture in the same frame, hovering over the snowboarder — almost like they’re going to squash him 😛

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