“Picks” of my Even Newer Guitar

So, about a month ago I purchased my first guitar, a beautiful acoustic Taylor. Since then, I’ve been practicing a bit each day. This practice has allowed me to become one of the most accomplished acoustic guitar players in all of mankind. [1]

[1] Note: This is so far from the truth that you could stack five billion phone books on top of each other and it still wouldn’t even reach halfway towards the truth. [2]

[2] Note: This assumes that phone books still exist, and that five billion are available for this experiment.

Since my sheer talent at playing the acoustic guitar had reached unsurpassable levels (e.g., being able to play approximately two different chords without having strings buzz), it was clear that it was time to branch out. And so, a second guitar joined my collection.

And this one can make some noise.

That’s right, I’ve gone electric, purchasing a Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster (and right before a huge price increase, too).

I’m not giving up on acoustic — I plan to practice and play both. Now I have a wider variety of options available to make horrible sounds as I slowly climb up the stringed instrument learning curve.

With that, I present some photos of my new(est) guitar.




















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