Calling for a Caption

The following photo I took the other week is just begging for a caption, isn’t it?

There are so many options, just ripe for the picking. I can’t resist.

  • “Eventually, Bob’s claims of innocence rang hollow. There was no longer any ambiguity over which goose had the flatulence problem.”
  • “Bob began to regret the ramifications of eating the bean burrito over the warnings of his peers.”
  • “Much to the consternation of his fellow geese, Bob continued to misunderstand the rules of the game ‘duck, duck, goose.'”
  • “Bob knew there was a better life than standing on a frozen lake. And so, with little fanfare, one day he decided to abandon the flock.”
  • 2 thoughts on “Calling for a Caption

    1. Ron Kline

      1. We HAVE asked him to leave. We feel he is nothing but a quack.

      2. I’ll be back guys. I just need to get my snack of milk and quackers.

    2. Ron Kline

      3. “Where are you going, Donald”. It’s tax time fellas. I am just going to the store to get the latest version of quacken.

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