(Crazy) Shots of the Day

Unfortunately, I seem to have come down with a cold. (Sore throat, mild fever, tired.) I wish I could blame the craziness (I mean, creativity) of today’s photos on cold medication, but I’m not taking any cold medication.

Perhaps I should be taking cold medication.

The first photo was a royal pain to take. I spent about two hours trying to get it just right. I failed, but it’s close. I believe quite a few people driving by wondered what in the Tetons I was doing.



One thought on “(Crazy) Shots of the Day

  1. Chary

    Great shots! I’m especially mesmerized by the first — you should switch it for your avatar. Keep it for awhile and then do another similar shot in another location for your next avatar. You can document all your travels that way. I challenge you to do one that includes your face or a part of it, to allow the location to pas through — Get out that tripod and remote.

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