Monthly Archives: June 2011

Shots from the Past: Zion National Park

I’ve been too busy to take photos lately, which is sort of depressing. But I have been fortunate enough to take a lot of photos during the past year. I was talking to a friend earlier today about Zion National Park, which prompted me to take another pass through photos I shot there last November. It was a beautiful time to visit the Park: leaves in the valley were still changing, and Mother Nature served a multi-course dinner of every imaginable weather condition while I was there.

Shots of the Day: From the (New) House

Between work and the purchase of a new home, I have had little time to take photos. Which makes me sad. But, as I work to fix up the new house, I keep my camera nearby in case any photo opportunities present themselves. A few shots from the past couple days are shown below. My new house is set in the woods, which means my neighbors include all sorts of woodland critters. A turtle lives in my front yard, and just today, a rather ragged (but hopefully not rabid) looking fox decided to take a nap right in my driveway. Seriously, that fox looks like it’s seen better days.