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Behind the Shot: Postcards Flying through the Air

Remember this shot?

I promised there was no Photoshop trickery going on, and no strings attached; this is what the camera saw, without cropping. Yet, a lot of people think there is something fake about the shot.

Nope; it just took some creativity and a whole lot of patience.

I visited the location over the span of two days, and took hundreds of shots. And now, I pull back the curtain and reveal how the shot was made…

Summit Shots of the Day

Several weeks ago, I was in Jackson, Wyoming attending the Photography at the Summit workshop. I was so busy during the week shooting photos and learning that I didn’t have much time to review all the photos I was taking. I posted some of my favorites during the workshop, but I’ll be reviewing additional shots I took and posting them in the near future, beginning with today’s installment.

When I first reviewed the following “panning” shot of geese flying at Oxbow Bend in the chilly dawn, I tossed it aside, thinking it was too out of focus. On second glance, I kind of like it — it has a “painterly” quality.

My nieces like the following one best. I took a similar photo the year before.

Right after I took this photo, I saw a big, angry sign on the wall that said “Absolutely NO photos!” Good thing I didn’t get chased out of the place. With a honking-huge Nikon D3 and 105mm macro lens I couldn’t have been any less conspicuous.

Not a self portrait.